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Moving House with Pets

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Over the last 6 months there has been big changes in the Scruffytails household. Sarah has moved out and with that many of the ScruffyTails pets have moved. This was quite a worrying time ensuring that all the animals had a smooth transition into their new home.


Now Bailey moved in with Sarah but Jasper stays a lot and Bailey returns to Scruffytails HQ each day.

  • Ensure the house smells like home. Sarah’s settee had spent 6 months in ScruffyTails head quarters and so to the dogs it was familiar. Bailey’s new bed also spent a week in the Scruffytails headquarters before the move.
  • Let your dog visit. We were fortunate we spent 5 months doing up the house and so Bailey and Jasper visited regularly (when safe to do so) and so the house was familiar.
  • Keep the same routine. When Bailey was moved I kept the same feeding times and walk times so that all was different was the location.

IMG_5401 IMG_5403



One of the animals I was most worried about moving was the bunnies as Harli in particular can be prone to stasis if something upsets him. They had a new purpose built enclosure as did the guinea pigs. However the move went smoothly and this what what I did.

  • Ensure their belongings move too. Animals rely on scent and so although the enclosure was new the rabbits litter and house were the same and smelt the same. As was the guinea pigs houses.
  • Reduce pellets and increase hay. The week before I reduced the amount of pellets they had and to encourage them to eat more hay. Mine are good hay eaters but  I wanted to ensure their gut was working at tip top condition.
  • EntraCare. I topped the rabbits water with EntraCare for a few weeks before we moved.

IMG_5397 IMG_5814


The last and most recent to move was Tinks. Now she is a Ragdoll cat and so is not able to go outside so I am sure it is different with cats that go outside.

  • Move all their things. Again so there was the same smell as to animals that is what the use to recognise home. So her litter, scratching post and bowls all moved.
  • Keep things familiar. So the whole family moved with Tinks for a couple of days to ensure she felt at home.
  • Allow quiet time. So they are not too stressed.



Thankfully all the animals have coped really well with the change and are really

happy in their new homes.

What are your top tips for moving with animals?


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