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Keeping cool!

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As much as I have been enjoying this hot weather personally, I must admit that it has turned me into a slightly crazy person trying to ensure that all my animals stay cool! We hear these days of so many pets dying as a result.

Rabbit dies in hot hutch & Dog dies in hot car!

Keeping Dogs cool!

  • My boys having been living in their cool coats and I think they look pretty cute as well as practical. When travelling in the hot cars I line the boot with one of their cool coats.
  • Walks are happening early morning and late at night when it is cooler and in shady woods to ensure they stay cool. With older dogs like Jasper we take it slow and let him stop frequently.
  • Make sure there is plenty of water available at all times.

Small Animals 

  • My bunnies love their cool pod and can be found sitting on it most of the time. Pets at Home have told me they don’t make them now and have replaced them with a cool mat that i’m not convinced is safe for small animals. A cheaper thing I do is freeze water bottles and put them in their cages.
  • Open windows and ensure there free flowing air. However ensure that your rabbits have had the prevention for Flystrike.
  • i haven’t been putting my rabbits and guinea pigs out as I feel that some days theres no air and they just been baking.
  • Give cucumber to ensure they have plenty of water.
  • Sprinkle water on the back of their neck and ears.

 Enjoy the sun but please keep yourselves and your furry friends safe! 


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