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Bathing Guinea pigs

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Over the years I have had several long haired guinea pigs. Currently I have 2 long haired guinea pigs who are approaching a year old called Tribble and Truffle.

Tribble and Truffle

Long haired guinea pigs do require care, several times a week they need to be combed. Every few months they require a bath and a hair cut. Before bathing I combed the guinea pigs and then cut the hair by their bum. I use a washing up bowl and fill it in warm water. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT TOO HOT. Lukewarm like you would do for a baby. Some people line the bowl with a towel but I just hold the guinea pig. I personally use a Gorgeous Guinea Shampoo which I love. Tribble and Truffles hair now it feels lovely and soft.


Enjoy pampering your little friends x

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