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Scruffy Tails offers a professional and friendly groom service! Scruffy Tails is a fantastic alternative to a scary grooming parlour, as Scruffy Tails offers a uniquely designed grooming parlour in the Scruffytails own home. Your dog will be the only dog being groomed at the time, reducing stressIMG_1875 and groomers are trained in T-touch to ensure your dog stays calm.

When your dog arrives at Scruffy Tails Dog Grooming you can rest assured that we take the greatest care possible of your precious pet. Whether your dog needs grooming, bathing or even something as simple as a nail clip, they will receive our undivided attention.Carolyn is highly qualified and the salon is fully insured. Your dogs safety and comfort is our number one concern.

We welcome dogs of all shapes and size and groom everything from Akita’s and Shih Tzu’s to Poodles and Huskies.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to to leave them with someone else. Some dog’s may be nervous, some more confident. Whichever temperament applies to your dog we will always accommodate their individual needs. We make everything as easy as possible to ensure an animal in our care feels comfortable.

IMG_0912We charge :- £25 for a full groom for a small or medium dog.

                       -£35 for a full groom for a large dog£15 for a brush and bath or a puppy groom.

           2 dogs from the same family get a 20% discount.