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At Scruffytails pride ourselves on quality care to make sure that your pet has a relaxing and stress free time. It will be their very own home from home. We offer a number of service to cater to your pet’s every possible want and need…



If you are missing your dog we are able to keep you updated on how they are doing by text. On return you will receive a video of their time here at Scruffytails. For this we charge £18 per dog per day* It is asked that all dogs be vaccinated and have kennel cough vaccine with a friendly attitude towards both humans and other dogs. We also ask that you provide your dog’s usual food to prevent any health issues. We also provide boarding services for rabbits, Guinea pigs and other small rodents.

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Bathing your dog can be tricky. We here at Scruffytails take out the stress and hassle of this chore by simply doing it for you. Dogs get a warm soothing bath and a thorough clean. We use quality, specialised dog shampoo and conditioner. Your dog also gets a soft towel dry at the end of its bath.

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We walk all our dogs daily in a variety of locations across Wirral to suit your dogs needs

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Grooming is an important part of your dogs wellbeing and Scruffytails pride its self on a quality service for an affordable price. We groom your dog in a calm, stress free environment in our own home based grooming room.
Our full groom consists of a bath, trim, nails, ears and teeth cleaning ranging from £25 for a small dog to £35 for a large dog.

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